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Magnesium diboride, MgB2, was first reported to be superconducting in 2001. The discovery of superconductivity at a temperature of 38-40 K in an intermetallic material, very much higher than the Tc of A15 superconductors like Nb3Sn, resulted in widespread investigation of MgB2, as well as a revived search for new superconducting materials.

Early Work in Cambridge

Initial work on MgB2 in Cambridge focussed on the production of powder-in-tube conductors. Bartek Glowacki produced the first conductors of this type in Europe, as reported in the department newsletter and our publications. Conductors have been produced by both in situ and ex situ techniques. In the former case, magnesium and boron are packed into the tube and subsequently reacted; in the latter, MgB2 powder itself is packed in the tube.

Ex-situ, sintered MgB2 in a copper matrix

In-situ, reacted MgB2 in a copper matrix

Copper, silver and stainless steel tubes have all been investigated, with a particular specialisation in copper (see above). Reinforced cables combining several materials have also been constructed, as illustrated below.

Copper matrix MgB2 strands twisted around a stainless steel core

Current Work

Research in this group continues to focus on the development of powder-in-tube conductors, working towards three specialist applications:

  • Fine wire for a space-qualified adiabatic demagnetisation refrigerator (ADR) - see project page
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Fusion applications

Our ADR project, in collaboration with the Mullard Space Science Laboratory and Scientific Magnetics (formerly Space Cryomagnetics), is the main focus of our conductor development work, and is supported by a PPARC Industrial Programme Support Scheme (PIPSS) grant (ref. PP/C503397/1).

A significant amount of work has also been performed on synthesis and doping techniques for magnesium diboride. Additionally, our experience with in situ resistometric characterisation is being applied to MgB2 conductors to gain a better understanding of reaction processes, with the aim of optimising design and processing.

Related processes and techniques

Related publications

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