The prime objectives of the group are the development of:

  • High Tc, Medium Tc, and Low Tc superconducting conductors with a full engineering specification appropriate for technical application
  • Novel processing routes for low cost, high current HTS, MTS and LTS conductors
  • High-throughput methods in fabrication and characterisation of highly textured electroceramic and insulating coatings using extrusion, ink-jet printing and coating
  • Rapid 3-D prototyping techniques for electroceramic arrays and sensors
  • Highly textured metallic substrates
  • Improved versions of existing technological superconducting conductors through collaborative research with industry
  • Improved understanding of high critical currents, high irreversibility field, controlled critical current anisotropy, A.C. losses and current transfer and percolation phenomena in practical conductors
  • Advanced cryocoolers
  • Advanced hydrogen-oxygen production technologies of photocatalytic electrolysers for fuel and cryogenic purposes
  • Ultra-high magnetic field processing and testing of electroceramic and medical materials
  • Superconducting material applications in medicine and electrotechnology such as e.g. MRI, NMR, SMES, Fault Current Limiters, D.C. & A.C. Electrical Transmission, Power Transformers, Flux Transformers, Sensors and Fusion