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Visitors (Researchers and Students)

Dries Vanden Bussche
ERASMUS student, Ghent University
Koen Vandaele
Erasmus student
University of Ghent
Ibrahim Duzgun
PhD Student
Department of Physics, Rize University
Adam Ludwik
PhD Student
Institute of Experimental Physics, Wrocław University
Sebastian Krosny
PhD Student
Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice
Michal Chudý
PhD Student
Atomic Institute, Vienna University of Technology
Katarzyna Juda
Erasmus student
Now a PhD student in the ECNM group
Kemal Ozturk
Dr Kemal Öztürk
Department of Physics, Karadeniz Technical University
Jonas Feys
PhD student, University of Ghent
Prof. Dr Habil. Gregory Kozlowski
Physics & Electrical Engineering
Wright State University (Dayton, OH 45435, USA)
Agnieszka Łękawa
Lublin University of Technology
Now in the Advanced Carbon Nanostructures group, Cambridge
Veerle Cloet
March-July 2006
PhD student, University of Ghent
Jean-Yves Chauleau
March-July 2006
Magistère de Physique student, Université de Paris-Sud
Jozef Kvitkovic
July 2005
Institute of Electrical Engineering,
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
Mike Hancock
August 2005
IPL, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Vera Stehr
Project student, July-August 2005
IFW Dresden
Chamkaur Dhaliwal
Project student, July-August 2005
Department of Materials, Imperial College London
Steven Winfield
Project student, July-August 2005
Now with TCM, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

Researchers and technical staff

Dr Simon C. Hopkins
Now working at CERN
Publications | Thesis (4 MB) | Profile
Dr Vassilka Tsaneva
Dr Serdar Atamert
LCEUA and Isaac Newton Trust
Eric Robinson
Electronics and Vacuum Systems
Dr. Milan Majoros
Electrotechnology, -2006
Mario C. Cordero-Cabrera
COCON Project, 2005-6
Now at Welding Alloys
Name Years Background
Mrs Pamela A. Freeman 1989-1992 Chemistry
Dr Nacati Ozkan 1989-1991 Materials Science
Dr Can-Tien Lin 1990-1994 Chemistry
Dr Janusz Jackiewicz 1992-1993 Electrotechnology
M.Phil. Dan Watson 1992-1997 Materials Engineering
Dr Bilgin Soylu 1992-1996 Materials Science
Dr Makan Chen 1992-1995 Materials Science
Miss Rachel Bunds 1993-1994 Materials Science
Mr Richard Barter 1993-1994 Materials Science
Dr Shiming Wu 1993-1997 Physics
Dr Steve P. Ashworth 1994-1997 Engineering
Dr Marian Ciszek 1994-1998 Physics
Mrs Yun-hua Shi 1996-2000 Materials Science
Dr Mary Vickers 1997-2001 Materials Science
Dr Hideki Noji 1998-1999 Electric Engineering
Dr Bernhard Zeimetz 1998-2002 Physics

PhD students

Xiao Teng
Tom Mitchell-Williams
Eric Wang
Co-supervised by Dr Vasant Kumar
Mariusz Woźniak
PhD funded by Siemens Magnet Technology
Now a Magnet Engineer at Siemens Magnet Technology
Mariusz Mosiadz
PhD funded by NESPA (Marie Curie Actions)
Now in Deutsche Nanoschicht

Ian Pong
Croucher Foundation Scholarship
Now at CERN
Thesis (9 MB)
Zhiming Cai
Co-supervised by Dr Bill Nuttall, Judge Business School
Simon C. Hopkins
Now Research Associate in this group
Publications | Thesis (4 MB)
Anna Finlayson
Thesis (24 MB)
Soo Kien Chen
Funds from Malaysia; EPSRC
Kai Sin Tan
ORS/Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Tarek Mouganie
Personal website
Thesis (32 MB)
Name Years Background
Dr Wai Lo 1989-1993 Croucher Foundation Scholarship
Dr A.P.Baker 1990-1994 Merck Ltd (CASE award)
Dr H.Noji 1992-1993 Fellowship from Japan
Dr M.James 1993-1996 Fellowship from Australia
Dr Dae-Joon Kang 1994-1995 Fellowship from Korea
Dr E.C.L.Chesneau 1995-1999 Oxford Instruments CASE award
Dr N.A.Rutter 1997-2001 EPSRC student
Mr Y.S.Cheng 1998-2002 Schiff & ORS Award student

Undergraduate and placement students

Name Year Subject Institution
Mr Milo Shaffer 1998 Infrared densification of YBaCuO fibres MS&M, Cambridge
Mr Karl Sandeman 1997 AC losses in BiSrCaCuO conductors Physics Department, Cambridge
Miss Nina Pocek 2001 Infrared densification of YBaCuO fibres MIT student , Boston, USA
Miss A.P. Finlayson 2003 Y-Ba-Cu-O sol production MS&M, Cambridge
Mr S.C. Hopkins 2003 Nb-based conductors MS&M, Cambridge
Miss J. Sumner 2004 Ink-Jet Printing of YBCO MS&M, Cambridge
Mr E.P.W. Ward 2004 Photocatalysts MS&M, Cambridge
Mr A.P. Ball 2006 Photocatalysts MS&M, Cambridge