Applied Superconductivity and Cryoscience Group

Lectures on Superconductivity
Learn about superconductivity with this extensive series of films, available to stream and download free of charge.
Recent Papers
V. Climente-Alarcon et al.
Superconducting magnetic heterostructured components for electric motor applications
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


The Applied Superconductivity and Cryoscience Group of the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy takes a broad, multidisciplinary approach to applied superconductivity research. Our work includes the synthesis of superconductors, the design and fabrication of conductors and their characterisation and optimisation; materials under active investigation span the entire Tc range, including YBCO, MgB2, Nb3Sn and Nb3Al. Our cryoscience research focuses on advanced hydrogen-oxygen production technologies of photocatalytic electrolysers for fuel and cryogenic purposes, as well as the development of advanced cryocoolers.

The research includes aspects from most materials disciplines, including physical metallurgy, composites, materials chemistry, materials modelling, devices and medical materials.


We are also home to the Lectures on Superconductivity:

Lectures on Superconductivity